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Every meal is prepared farm fresh. Meet the farmers that grow our delicious produce.

About Hawaii's Farmers

Malama Farms: Dave and Lehua Fitch are at the forefront of something beautiful on the island of Maui. Their Berkshire hogs are treated in a way that respects how an animal is meant to be raised and slaughtered. They also show amazing love to the ‘aina by rotating the pens in their own developed system. Merriman's loves this pig and our customers agree.

Hirabara Farms: Owners Kurt and Pam Hirabara are two very special farmers, who through Kurt’s deep science background, and her dedication to quality and style, have been providing Merriman’s with baby lettuces and other specialty produce for about two decades. On less than two acres, Hirabara Farms manages to produce their specialty lettuces, a mix of 13 types, varying in color, shape and flavor at a rate of 350 pounds a day. Merriman’s receives a mixed variety of lettuces, including: Red Oak, Lollo Rossa, Frisee, and Cocarde, just to name a few. Kurt and Pam’s dedication to quality and to consistently providing us their great produce just reflects their understanding of how much the farmers of Hawaii affect the capabilities of fine cuisine in Hawaii, and they do a wonderful job of it. If you have eaten a salad a Merriman’s you have probably tasted the fruit of their labor.

Rincon Farms: Since 1988, the Rincon Family has been providing patrons with their ruby red strawberries. This farm is very much a family production and therefore, the use of pesticides is very minimal, as with most farmers here. They don’t want to be working around anything that could potentially harm their family or produce. Rincon Farms uses only brief applications of fungicides and organic insecticides. Over the past, crops have included: asparagus, green onion, Maui onion, corn, and tubarose. Strawberries have always been their primary produce. The Rincon Family works hard to make their strawberries available almost all year round, planting new crops 2-3 times a year. Waimea strawberries are world famous for their juicy deliciousness, and Rincon is the local favorite.

Nakano Farms: Richard and Patsy Nakano run a small farm that produces mainly tomatoes. Richard says he is retired but it certainly doesn’t seem like it, considering all this little farm produces. From Golden Pink and Red Tomatoes to Korean Cucumbers, Haricot Verts, Sweet Corn and now Melons. Formally in charge of Agricultural Development and Research for UH Hilo, Richard knows so much about the diverse agricultural potential the Big Island holds. Produce is harvested 3 times a week, being delivered the following day, in order to get the best product to their valued customers. All their tomatoes and cucumbers are greenhouse grown, so pollination is done with a small paintbrush, making Richard and Patsy very busy bees.

Tropical Dreams: Tropical Dreams has been making gourmet ice cream and other related products for a quarter of a century. They produce small batches of custom made super premium ice cream. Super premium means it is made with cream containing 18% butter fat and is “low over run” (the amount of air mixed in during the freezing process), thus producing a dense, rich product. All of the creams used for their ice creams come from local dairies, and they also use as much local fruit as possible in their mixes. They have been working together with Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers Association to develop new flavors and expand their use of local fruits. John and Nancy’s passion for their product and making only the best ice creams, sorbets, and butter shows in every batch.